Winter Skin Protection

Winter’s not over yet – with a definite nip in the air and snow forecast in parts of England this week, it’s not time to abandon your winter skin protection just yet!

Our skin takes a special kind of battering at this time of year too. Not only from the cold – and the transition from indoor temperatures to the frostbitten outdoors, but also from:

  • Wind, which can damage and dehydrate skin
  • Rain which can wash off your protective layer of skin care.

So winter skin protection is an important part of keeping your skin healthy and avoiding the kind of damage that can lead to long term damage and premature aging. And at Beauty Defined in Market Harborough’s Union Wharf, we can help.

Our highly trained team won’t just sell you product, they’ll give you a complementary skincare consultation to help assess what kind of products you should be using. After all, it’s about more than the condition of your skin right now – different people have different lifestyle factors that affect what we would recommend. If you’re stuck in an overheated office all day for example, your skin care needs may well be different from someone who works in a cooler environment and spends hours outdoors walking, running or working.

So why not call Beauty Defined on 01858 288242 and book a free skincare consultation today? Your skin will thank you for getting your winter skincare protection right!