What’s in a Free Skin Consultation?

When we talk about many of our services, including our aesthetic beauty treatments, you will often find we talk about offering you a free skin consultation or free consultation. Sometimes people are a little unsure of what this means, so we thought we would explain.

When you arrange a free skin consultation with one of our highly trained team, we will obviously assess your skin condition. But our consultations are designed to do more than look at your skin’s current state and what treatments we could use to improve it.

Far more important is discussing with you what you want to achieve with treatment and where your priorities lie.

Each of our clients has slightly different priorities. Yes, many tell us they want to look younger. But other priorities may include:

  • Reducing redness and thread veins
  • Removing age spots
  • Permanently removing unsightly facial hair
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creases
  • Creating a smoother finish for your skin
  • Enhancing other facial features

Only when we understand what each individual wants to achieve will we recommend an appropriate skincare and treatments design to help a client achieve their goals.

To book a free skin consultation, call us on 01858 288242 today!