What type of skin do you have?

Next week (25-29 June) we are offering our exising clients and new customers a free Darphin Skin Analysis & Product Prescription.

This is your opportunity to have your skin analysed in order to see what type of skin you have, any problem area, and most importantly, the care routine that is going to keep your skin looking younger for longer. The Darphin Skin Analysis process involves taking a “picture” of your skin with a special machine, enabling the Darphin skin care specialist to look at your skin’s layers, rather than just the survace visable to the naked eye. You might be surprised at the results, as often we think we have greasy skin, when actually we have quite dry skin and its the heavy products we are using that make our skin greasy.

A Darphin Skin Analysis will tell you exactly what type of skin you have and how best to care for it. You will also be given a Product Prescription to help you wade your way through the minefield that is the skincare market. We like to make your life as easy as possible for you!










If you would like to take advantage of this great free service, please call 0845 269 5301 as soon as possible to make your appointment.