What is semi permanent eye liner & make up?

Semi permanent eye liner is the answer to many girls’ dreams. It gives the impression that you are wearing eye liner, without you having to do anything! Perfect for busy women and those of us who like to wear make up but are just a little bit too lazy to apply it everyday (be honest, we all feel like that sometimes!).

Semi permanent make up is essentially a very fine tattoo that is added to the base of your lashes. That may sound horrific, but it isn’t as bad as that! Your eyes are numbed with a special cream and the process of tattooing is a little bit uncomfortable, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Natalie is our elite tattooist and she takes great care with each client to ensure they are comfortable and time is always factored in to each appointment for a little breather if you need one.

The results from having semi permanent (sometime referred to as permanent) make up are incredible. You can have your eye liner tattooed as light or as heavily as you wish. Our clients range from those who like a subtle eye lash enhancement, to those who want full eyeliner in a particular shade. Natalie matches the shade of black according to your skin tone and eye colour, to make sure your semi permanent eye liner looks as good as it possibly can.

We’re really proud to offer this treatment and are the only salon in Market Harborough that does. It is essential you have a full consultation to make sure the treatment is right for you, so give us a call on 0845 269 5301 and we’ll answer all your questions.