We’re here to help you choose the right foundation for your skin.

One size does not fit all when it comes to make up, and foundation in particular. It depends entirely on your age, your skin type, your colouring and what sort of effect you are looking for. To help you out, we’ve written a quick guide to the different types of foundation available:

Tinted moisturiser: this is great if you want a light coverage and are a ‘get up and go’ type woman. Tinted moisturisers will give an overall even tone to your skin, and are great for when you’re on holiday.

Liquid: this is perfect to give you coverage and a slight dewy-look to your skin. It’s ideal for people with normal to dry skin, and won’t weigh you down.

Pressed powder: ideal for you if you have slightly more oily skin, because the powder keeps away any sheen and gives you a matte look. You can layer this foundation to give you a heavier coverage if you have any skin pigmentation or for a night out.

Loose powder: this is a really flexible foundation that allows you to control the amount of coverage simply with the brush you use. A denser brush gives a denser coverage.

Creme powder: absolutely perfect for you if your skin tends to be a bit dry but you don’t want the dewy-look a liquid foundation would give. You can built up the coverage from light to medium, depending on your personal preference.





















We have recently become stockists of the amazing Youngblood range of make up, which is a mineral based product and kind to your skin. Youngblood have a wide variety of foundations, all of which are available in our reception area for you to look at and try. We will happily advise you on which foundation will suit you best, so call us on 0845 269 5301 or call in to our Union Wharf clinic in Market Harborough.