Welcoming Summer with Savings of 20%!!
The sun has put its hat on at long last and we want to celebrate by offering you 20% off all Dermaquest and Katherine Daniels Skincare!
Stock is limited so contact us asap to grab a summer deal

Want a Youthful Glow?
And while we are all feeling positive I wanted to share with you a fabulous new package to give you a youthful glow!

Unfortunately the effects of aging are not only seen on the surface of the skin. We also lose bone density and fat which leave deep lines around the eyes and mouth.

Dermal Filler correctly placed can give significant lift to the facial contours and restore your youthful self!

Contour and Rejuvenation Packages
1ml £150
2ml £250
3ml £450

Cosmetic Packages
1ml £150
2ml £250
3ml £300

For more information on our Aesthetic Packages or to book a consultation, please contact me. Meanwhile, stay safe and don’t forget to wear your SPF 😉

Natalie and the BD Team x