Want brows like a celeb? Here’s their secret

Celebrities always have such gorgeously groomed eyebrows, don’t they. Even the men! Have you ever sat in front of the mirror wondering why yours don’t look the same?

Take The Only Way is Essex. The perfectly formed brows of Lydia Bright have had a little help from a permanent make up tattoo. And the best news about that is that you can get brows like Lydia’s too.

At Beauty Defined we offer a range of high impact, low maintenance procedures. Permanent make up gives the lasting effect of make up leaving you looking younger and feeling more confident about your appearance day and night!

Permanent make up can help create perfect eyebrows, captivating eyes and well defined lips. All of these enhancements will keep you looking refreshed and picture perfect without the need to apply any make up on the treated areas.

To get your eyebrows ready for the cameras, book in for a free consultation at Beauty Defined and we will get you ready for the catwalk.