There’s a new skin superhero in town and it’s ginger

Red ginger to be precise. The root of the red ginger plant produces an essential oil that has massive antioxidant benefits as well as being incredible as a lipid-replenisher. What this means is that by adding red ginger oil to body lotions and oils, you are getting an enriched oil with super powers to restore your skin’s hydration and elasticity. Amazing!

Beauty experts Darphin have harnessed this essential oil and added it to their Nourishing Satin Oil, ensuring it has a boosted performance over other body oils. Grazia magazine recently said Darphin’s Nourishing Satin Oil “will turn wintry limbs from frightening to fabulous in tip-top time”. And we all want rid of our winter legs!


If you fancy getting close to a ginger superhero, pop in to Beauty Defined in Market Harborough and try it for yourself.