The weather’s changed, so have you changed your skin care?

A few days ago it was cold and wet, and you may even have sneaked the heating on for a moment or two. Now it’s scorching hot and you are wearing as few clothes as possible. Next week will probably be raining and cold again. Not only do these sweeping changes play havoc with your wardrobe, but they do the same for your skin.

Your skin produces natural oils to protect itself in summer and in winter, but constant weather changes can confuse it. Think what happens in the winter when you keep going from the outside cold to the dry heat of central heating. Well the same can happen at this time of year, unless you protect your skin properly.

It’s really important to use the right skin care for you, at the right time of year. Think of it as like a tanned or wintery-pale foundation. In the summer you might find you need a lighter moisturiser, or one that has a cooling effect if you’ve had a little too much sun. But next week, when it feels like November again (we hope not!), you might need something slightly different.

The intention is never to make skin care complicated, but simply to get the most out of the products you buy. You want to know you’re doing the best you can for your skin, and so do we. We’re lucky that we work with the Darphin range of skin care products as these make it so easy to personalise a routine for your skin, that’s right for the weather as well.

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