It looks like summer might finally be here! The sun is shining and we’re hoping that finally we can say goodbye to winter tights and get our legs out!

But bearing your winter pale skin (even though it is nearly June!) for the first time can be scary. Are your legs silky smooth or still suffering from the winter months spent hiding hairily under your jeans and onesies (you’ve all got one, admit it….)?

Don’t worry, help is at hand. Our resident waxing expert Geraldine is super skilled at getting all your bits as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She works with Lycon Wax, which is applied hot and then peeled directly from the skin rather than with a wax strip. She prides herself on her attention to detail and really makes sure every last little pesky hair has been removed. Geraldine says she really doesn’t like seeing hair where hair shouldn’t be – and you certainly don’t want to spy a stray one when you’re sitting in the pub garden!

Geraldine’s advice for a really good wax is to make sure you moisturise, especially your legs. Dry skin can prevent the wax from catching all the hairs first time round as it may pick up the dry skin instead. Moisturising regularly means that not only do your legs look better, but your waxing experience is quicker and relatively pain free. There is no excuse for having neglected legs!

So come on girls, get your legs out now the sun is shining and book yourself an appointment with Geraldine on 0845 269 5301.