Written by Beauty Defined customer Eppie Anderson

I had an appointment at Beauty Defined last week for a Collagen Wave, and while Natalie was setting up the machine, I asked whether there was any chance she could pluck my eyebrows, as my eyesight has reached that stage where I really need glasses but am still a bit too vain to give in!

Almost before I knew it, I had my first full HD Brows experience – and the result is amazing!

The first step was to tint the hair in the entire area, then to wax and thread the brows into shape – above and below the yes (who knew I had such a hair face?!). Now I’ve never been brave enough to have anything waxed before, but I was truly amazed to find it didn’t actually hurt! The threading stung a little, but now more so than plucking your own eyebrows.

I don’t like to look unnatural – my hair is dyed to look like it used to before I went grey, and I wear very little make up. So I was a bit concerned that the brows might look a bit extreme on me. But far from it – they’re just subtly different, well shaped, and suit me really well. Over the week, I’ve caught my husband studying my face from time to time, trying to work out what’s different!

Of course, the Collagen Wave is always a treat and does help me fend off the worst of the wrinkles as well as giving my skin a glow that lasts for a couple of months – and the HD Brows experience was frankly a bit of a revelation, and something I will now maintain, as it makes a real difference to my face – without looking fake.

hd brows experience