The Sweet Treatment Collection

Isn’t summer time sweet? Long days in the sunshine, cocktails, late nights and ice creams. What’s not to love?

Apart from your skin which is crying out for TLC.

Don’t get us wrong, we love that sunkissed glow as much as the next person but on a closer inspection you’ll find skin dehydrated and crying out for moisture, breaking out in areas from the sugary cocktails and treats, patchy with pigment, peely with sunburn, the list goes on.

But don’t worry, we have your perfect fix.

Let us introduce you to the 5 NEW non prep Dermaquest treatments, ‘The Sweet Collection’.

These facials are designed to deliver the effectivity and result of a resurfacing treatment with none of the prep or down time.

Each of the 5 are specifically put together to treat individual skin concerns. Lets look closer…

  • Sweet Hydrate. The name says it all. Intensely hydrate your skin to smooth refine and plump. This treatment is perfect after flights.
  • Sweet Clear. Tackle problem skin, blocked pores and persistent breakouts. This treatment will calm congested skin, decrease excess oil and leave skin feeling deeply cleansed, hydrated and excess shine significantly reduced.
  • Sweet Lift. Treat skin from the deepest layers with peptides to plump from within. This treatment will instantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As great as the sunshine is, did you know it is the most ageing factor we expose our skin to? Recover your skin with this treatment!
  • Sweet Radiance. This instantly brightening treatment helps to tackle pigmentation concerns whilst revitalising dull and tired skin. Packed with Vitamin C this treatment will repair and rejuvenate.
  • Sweet Enhance. A combination of 4 acids work together to achieve the ultimate restorative treatment. Fine lines, open pores, excess oil and sun damage will all be combated with this treatment.

With all this summer socialising you will want your skin to be at its best and it couldn’t be made easier with these non prep, tailored resurfacing treatments. Call the salon on 01858 288 242 to hear the promotional offers for July only.