Summer Skin is Made in Winter

Now is the time to get your Summer Skin ready.

Yes, we’re about to enter the coldest and harshest of the winter weather, but it’s what you are doing now that lays the foundation for amazing summer skin.

New Year resolutions are all very well, but if you at least stick to the one about drinking more water, you WILL see the benefits by the summer. But Beauty Defined can help you with some more significant changes.

Using our IPL laser treatments, there’s plenty of time to make sure that your legs are silky smooth FOREVER! Not to mention bikini lines of course. IPL is less painful than waxing, and offers a permanent solution to the hairy legs we’ve been dealing with all our lives.

Many of our clients also choose to use IPL to help them deal once and for all with upper lip hair and even the thread veins that crep up on us over time.

(Of course we can offer waxing treatments too, but we recommend the longer term solution offered by IPL!)

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you achieve amazing summer skin this year, just call 01858 288242 for a free consultation.