Stressed? Here’s your ultimate relaxation guide.

We all feel stressed from time to time. Work, life, kids, money, school holidays, time, driving, the weather, the list goes on and on. One thing that we don’t do is look after ourselves well enough to combat this stress. We all know stress is quite literally a killer, but what do we do about it? Not enough!

So, we have a very straight-forward solution to your stressful life. A massage. Yep, it really can be as simple as that. Taking 30-90 minutes out of your week, switching your phone off and having some ‘you’ time, might well be all you need to calm yourself and make you realise that your stress isn’t that big an issue after all.

Massage is a time-honoured technique to relax muscles and soothe the body and mind. The combination of rhythmic techniques can quiet even the most tense of muscles in the gentlest of ways. By adding essential oils to the treatment, massage also improves circulation to give the added bonus of a healthy and revitalised glow.

After you’ve relaxed and enjoyed a massage, your mind and body will definitely be in a state of harmony, and not just in a state!

Our Darphin Deep Rebalancing Massage is perfect for chilling out and ‘regrouping’ your mind and body. We offer three different levels of Darphin Deep Rebalancing massage, so even if you really do only have 30 minutes we can still help you de-stress.

This signature massage uses rhythmical techniques to relax the deepest tension in the gentlest way. Using a blend of essential oils, this massage improves circulation to help oxygenate the skin and reveal a healthy glow. The mind and body are left energised and in a state of harmony. 90 minute treatment includes relaxing facial.



Why not end your stressful work week, or start your stressful weekend, with a relaxed and chilled state of mind. Call us on 01852 288242 to book.