Specialist waxing: it’s nothing to be afraid of

When you hear the term “specialist waxing“, what springs to mind? Do you secretly want to have ‘Hollywood’ or ‘playboy’ bikini styling but shudder at the thought of how this might actually be achieved?

To be honest, I thought exactly the same thing and had for years been shaving to achieve the same results. As you know, shaving is not good in sensitive areas as it can give you a rash, make you sore, and above all it needs doing every few days. Not ideal.

As a regular at Beauty Defined for HD Brow treatments, I was intrigued when I heard the clinic was going to offer specialist waxing: so intrigued in fact that six months ago I was their very first waxing client and have been going regularly ever since.

The wax used is Lycon, which is a hot wax applied with a stick. It dries hard and is peeled straight off the skin. The wax comes in all sorts of colours, each one a slightly different consistency to deal with different hairs and skin: chocolate for hairs up to 1mm, strawberry for sensitive areas, and Magnifico for strong hairs. Almost good enough to eat!

The treatment itself is intimate, there is no denying that. In order to achieve the best results, Geraldine – the therapist – prefers to work without paper pants. As a trained and practising nurse, Geraldine’s matter of fact approach to this intimacy soon takes away any embarrassment. Her attention to detail ensures a superb hair free result.

So what about the pain? Yes, the first time you have a wax on those sensitive areas, it does sting. There’s no denying that. But this is largely due to the hair growing at all sorts of angles and so being harder to remove. On the second, third and subsequent treatments, there really is minimal discomfort. Geraldine is so professional and kind that she strives to ensure the wax used and pace of treatment exactly suits you and your needs.

Specialist waxing starts from £35 for a playboy, which leaves a landing strip at the front and all hair removed from underneath and bottom area. It really isn’t anything to be afraid of. To book your specialist waxing treatment with Geraldine or any of the other trained therapists at Beauty defined, call 0845 269 5301.

Beauty Defined offers a complete portfolio of treatments including HD Brows, permanent make up, specialist waxing, Botox and fillers, facial peels, lash treatments and Darphin skin treatments. To find out more information about what we do, call 0845 269 5301 or email info@beauty-defined.co.uk.

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