Save time and money with permanent make up!

Do you like to look your best, but don’t always have the time? That’s how a lot of us feel. Permanent make up could be a fantastic solution, and it isn’t as scary as it might sound. Gone are the days of ‘Michael Jackson’ type heavy black lines around the eyes and strange red lips! Permanent make up, if applied by a skilled artist, can be a very subtle and clever way of enhancing your natural features.

Permanent make up can help create perfect eyebrows, captivating eyes and well defined lips. All of these enhancements will keep you looking refreshed and picture perfect without the need to apply any make up on the treated areas. We recently had a testimonial from a customer who explains how the treatment has saved her time and money:

“I had semi permanent eyebrows and eyeliner done at Beauty Defined. I was quite nervous about having the treatment as I hadn’t had anything like it done before, but I had such sparse brows they needed doing! Natalie made me feel very comfortable and the treatment itself went very well. Natalie is a perfectionist so as I expected I now have beautiful brows and eyes! I used to spend ages putting on my make up, spent a fortune on eyebrow pencils/palettes, but now I don’t need to! As a working mum of two young children you can imagine the help of waking up and not needing to apply make up! I would highly recommend it.”

If you want to read a customer’s account of what actually happens during a permanent make up treatment, just click here. The customer explains that it really isn’t scary at all!

Do you fancy being gorgeous all the time, even when you first wake up?? If so, come and have a chat with Natalie about the type of permanent make up that would suit you and your everyday look. Give us a call on 01858 288242.