Save £25 on a luxurious 2 hour semi permanent lash treatment

Springtime is here and to celebrate we are offering Nouveau Lashes for just £60! if you haven’t tried this incredible lash treatment then now is your chance.

Nouveau lashes are made from soft natural human hair; they have a flat base and a fine, polished tip. They have even been produced to look like they have their own root. The result is natural looking lashes that are comfortable to wear and last for up to four weeks. You really won’t know you’re wearing them!

And even better is the fact that Nouveau Lashes are darker than most natural lashes so you don’t have to wear mascara. That means you can sleep, shower, exercise and even swim without worrying about your fabulous new look!

If you want to look fabulous this spring (and save yourself some time and effort each morning!) give us a call to book your appointment on 0845 269 5301.