Read all about Marie Casey, brow and lash specialist

From selling houses to creating beautiful bows…

Marie Casey joined Beauty Defined 12 months ago, having had an amazing shift of career. Marie was a successful estate agent for 12 years before she met Natalie Godefroy and her life changed completely.

Natalie and Marie met when Marie entrusted Natalie with her wedding make up. Marie was feeling a little bit bored with her career as an estate agent and fancied a change of scenery. Natalie inspired Marie to be brave and make a complete change and retrain as a brow and lash specialist.

Marie specialises in HD Brows, Nouveau lash treatments and LVL lashes. She has recently completed her Master level of training with Nouveau meaning she is now able to give the Express lash treatment. It’s a far cry from the bricks and mortar of her first career.

One of Marie’s proudest moments was when a woman with seriously over-plucked brows came in to have HD Brows for her wedding. Marie transformed her client’s brows in time for the big day, and the client is still a regular a year later. The client said to Marie that she would rather starve than not have her brows done!

To experience the magic of Marie’s HD Brow and lash treatments, why not book an appointment on 0845 269 5301? She’s worth giving up food for!!

Beauty Defined offers a complete portfolio of treatments including HD Brows, permanent make up, specialist waxing, Botox and fillers, facial peels, lash treatments and Darphin skin treatments. To find out more information about what we do, call 0845 269 5301 or email info@beauty-defined.co.uk.

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