After my first experience of PRP Therapy at Beauty Defined, I really wasn’t nervous going in last week for my second appointment with the amazing Natalie.

Results from the first time are definitely there – while it would be too much to expect to look 25 again (it’s not giving too much away to say I’m currently more than twice that age), my skin is definitely tighter already. Even under my chin – the dreaded jowels have receded somewhat.


Again, comfortable and relaxed in Natalie’s hands and before I knew it, we were straight into the application.

The Dermapen is still scratchy, but I knew what to expect this time and I didn’t swear too much at all, and it was over before I knew it.

AT the first treatment, Natalie calmed down the redness with her infrared light device, which was great, and this time she recommended a hydrating 3D sculpted face mask called Hyla Active. COntaining copper peptides, zinc, B5 and Hylafuse, this was really blissful, cool and I could feel the moisture seeping in!

Once again, looking at my face in the rear view mirror, I could have just been out for a brisk walk on a windy day – I go on about this, but I am a consultant, and have to fit these amazing treatments in between client meetings.

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