The PRP Therapy Experience

Waking up this morning, I had very mixed feelings about my imminent PRP Therapy experience at Beauty Defined’s stunning new clinic at the Settling Rooms in Market Harborough.

My main emotion was excitement – I’ve been reading about the effects of this treatment for a while, and a few months ago, a friend had had it done, with amazing results. I’m 51, and starting to really notice the wrinkles, so this looked ideal to me, and as a long-term Collagen Wave client of Natalie’s, I already have ultimate trust that if she says it’s going to work and make my skin feel amazing, then it will.

But underlying the excitement was fear. I’m not good at pain, and was really worried that I might struggle to tolerate a treatment that Natalie described as ‘uncomfortable’!

Knowing I have a low pain threshold, Natalie recommended the Dermapen for my PRP Therapy experience, as it would be more comfortable than the Plasma Blast application method, but with the drawback that the treatment would take place over three appointments over three months. That sounded good to me!

So what was the first experience really like? As soon as I got comfortable, I relaxed – I always feel safe in Natalie’s hands. She took a small amount of blood (she is a trained phlebotomist) very gently, and before I knew it, we were straight into the application.

If I had to describe the Dermapen, I’d call it scratchy. Apparently the objective is to create small, controlled holes in the skin, through which the PRP is applied. Yes, it does draw a little blood, but it really didn’t hurt too much, and my face afterwards was red rather than bloody. It didn’t take long to cover my whole face and soon the treatment was finished.

Natalie calmed down the redness with her infrared light device, and before I knew it, I was done and back in my car, with instructions to wear factor 30 sunscreen and come back in four weeks for the next application. Looking at my face in the rear view mirror, I could have just been out for a brisk walk on a windy day.

Follow up was, as always with Natalie, excellent, she made sure later on that I was still comfortable and that the redness on my face had continued to calm (it had, my husband didn’t even notice it). No point in before and after pictures yet, as we haven’t got the after, but next time I will go into the clinic with more confidence and excitement than fear!

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