PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) Therapy

PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) Therapy

Introducing a new range of highly effective PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) therapy which harnesses the growth factors in your own platelets to aid rejuvenation and treat pigmentation and scarring.

The treatment starts with a Natalie taking a small sample of your blood and using a centrifuge to separate out the platelets, which are rich in growth factors and 100% natural.

In PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma), these platelets are then administered to your facial skin using one of a choice of methods:

  • Mytoxin™ PRP uses Derma Roller to reintroduce the platelets – £300
  • Liquid Gold PRP Therapy, platelets are reintroduced to the face using injections – £300
  • Plasma Blast PRP uses our Plasma Blast™ technology – £650

For more information on any of these exciting new therapies, including our FAQ, see below. This treatment is offered at Beauty Defined under the Aesthetics Defined banner. To book your treatment, call us today on 01858 288242.


What are the benefits?
It is a natural and safe way to stimulate collagen, rejuvenate the skin and repair age related damage.

How does it work?

When rolled over the skin, the needles puncture the dermis causing serous fluid to leak and allowing better penetration of treatment applications. The Micro needle roller has extremely fine, attached needles. When rolled across the surface of the skin, these needles penetrate it, creating micro-channels which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These tiny holes are not visible because they are surrounded by non-penetrated skin. By adding growth factor nutrients (nourishing cosmeceuticals) to the wounded area immediately after treatment, the results are even more effective as these ingredients can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Even with the most aggressive treatment, those channels fully close almost immediately after treatment

How is the treatment done?

Two or more Vacutainers of blood are taken from the Client. The plasma and blood cells are separated by centrifuging to release growth factors and to activate stem cells in the plasma. Having been anaesthetised, the Client’s skin is prepared by rolling it in a specific manner with a micro needle roller. The plasma is then applied, in a sterile manner to the Client’s face.

What will be the downtime?

The downtime is remarkably short and on average should be not more than 12 hours. Skin has a slight ‘sunburn’ look. SPF is recommended following the treatment as part of your aftercare .

What results can I expect?

The skin will look fresh and tightened, more youthful and radiant. Clinical studies have shown that Micro-Needle Rollers are effective in increasing the thickness of the skin, shrinking large pores and diminished superficial acne marks. After the third treatment, deeper acne marks begin to plump. By the 5th to 6th treatment, Clients may experience results similar to deep chemical peel or laser resurfacing.

When will I see the results?

A difference will be noticeable the next day but the skin will continue to improve for 6 weeks afterwards. Peak effect after treatment will show in about 14 days; a repeat treatment is recommended in 4 – 6 weeks and a minimum course of 3/6 treatments should be planned.

Which skin types can be treated?

It is one of the few therapies that can treat any skin type without adjustment.