Permanent Makeup Alopecia Solutions

Beauty Defined offers discrete and effective Permanent Makeup Alopecia Solutions.

Alopecia is a crippling condition. It affects the confidence of sufferers in every aspect of their lives. And it affects more than just the hair on a person’s head. Often eyebrows and eyelashes are also affected.

Highly qualified permanent makeup professional Natalie Godefroy, has vast experience in using her techniques to provide alopecia sufferers with a real solution to the problems associated with losing eyelashes and eyebrows.

“We know exactly how important it can be to know that your most personal concerns about your looks are being taken seriously.” commented Natalie, who is a Certified Permanent Makeup Professional. “Our customers benefit from a personal consultation. So before they take a decision on treatment, they will know exactly what we can help them achieve.”

Beauty Defined’s services are entirely confidential, of course. To book one, just call our team on 01858 288242.