Permanent make up: a customer tells what it’s really like!

Permanent make up is a wonderful way of enhancing your eyes or lips, without having to apply anything each day. Most of the Beauty Defined team have had treatments, but what’s it really like? We asked a customer to tell you in their words:

“I have to admit that I was really nervous about having permanent lash enhancements done. It was the thought of having a needle so close to my eyes that worried me, but I had complete trust in Natalie so decided to go ahead.

First of all, a numbing cream was put on my upper and lower eyelids. I had my HD Brows done while the cream was taking effect. That’s multi-tasking for you! The cream made my eyelids feel really heavy and sleepy and was a bit odd. Natalie gave me a number of colour options for my make up, making sure that the black tone we chose was the right one for my natural colouring.

I lay down for my treatment and was told it would “tickle a bit”. I laughed, but actually this is exactly how it felt. The numbing cream is really great and so I could hardly feel the tattooing being done. The hardest part was keeping my eyes open and looking upwards, which is what you need to do for the bottom lashes. The upper lashes were much easier as I could just close my eyes and relax while Natalie did all the hard work!

Towards the end of the treatment, my eyes did start to feel a bit sore because of the wiping Natalie needed to do to keep my eyes clean. This was the only discomfort I felt during the whole hour and a half treatment.

Afterwards, I was given strict instructions on how to clean my eyes and use the required ointment. I was warned that my eyes would be puffy the next day, and they certainly were! I looked like I’d been crying, but this gradually went down as the day went on.

It’s been a week now since the treatment and the colour is settling down to how it will look for the long term. I have to go back to a top up treatment, as everyone does, but I won’t be so worried about this as I now know what to expect!”

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