Permanent Eyeliner Treatments

Why would anyone consider permanent eyeliner treatments?

Every day, a large proportion of women in the UK, wake up, shower, then spend five or ten minutes applying their make-up. Of those, quite a few find it difficult to achieve the same look every day; for others, eyesight deterioration over time makes it tricky to get it just right.

So just imagine waking up in the morning and just having to add your mascara for your eyes to be ‘done’!

At Beauty Defined in Market Harborough, we work with our clients to understand exactly how they like their eyeliner applied before we start planning a permanent eyeliner solution.

Does permanent eyeliner hurt?

Permanent eyeliner is a very delicate tattooing process, undertaken only by our highly trained and experienced therapists. So, yes, it hurts, but no more than a normal tattoo would – and we thing the end result is much more aesthetically pleasing!

Considering a permanent eyeliner treatment?

The first thing to do is to call Beauty Defined on 01858 288242 to book a free consultation to discuss the permanent make-up approach before you make a decision.

If you do decide to proceed with the permanent eyeliner treatments, you can relax in the sure and certain knowledge that your treatment will be applied by one of our amazing therapists.

Because of the length of appointment required for the full treatment, a deposit is payable in advance to secure your booking.