New Eye Sorbet Mask from Darphin!

It’s been a great week in the sunshine and I hope you have all been practicing ‘Safe Sun’ using SPF!!

We are really excited about the launch of Darphin’s new product launch ‘Eye Sorbet Mask’. A product specially formulated for the delicate eye area,the cooling texture of this eye mask instantly refreshes and softens the skin. The SOS formula helps diffuse ingredients onto your skin. It hydrates intensely for a refreshed, fully-rested and radiant appearance.

For all skin types and those with concerns such as:

Dullness on the eye area


Tired-looking eyes

If you would like to try this performance product that refreshes and Moisturises with key ingredients such as, Watermelon, Liquorice extract, cucumber and my favourite Hyaluronic acid, then come and see us at the clinic for a ‘Try before you Buy’. We will give you a full demonstration so you can slide it in to your beauty regime!

As always we look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon for your next beauty hit!

Natalie x

Darphin product image

Eye Sorbet Mask

Eye Sorbet Mask