The beauty of skincare is there’s something for everyone. No matter your skin age, concern, gender or type there are solutions out there to help you achieve your own personal skin goals.
That said, the market can be overwhelming leaving you unsure on what or how to choose the right products for you.

Medical-grade skincare is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to achieve long-lasting aesthetic results, like reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving acne scars or increasing your overall skin hydration.
These brands often carry a bigger price tag than cosmetic lines though, right?

Often, yes. But what’s that old saying? “You get what you pay for”.

Here’s 6 reasons why you’ll love medically-led skincare…

1. Target YOUR Skincare Concerns
Medical-grade skincare brands like ZO Skin Health often target their products towards specific skin concerns, for example the NEW Illuminating AOX Serum is designed to protect against pollution and support anti-ageing skin goals. Once we are clear on what your skin goals are, we can more easily prescribe the exact products designed to help you get there.

2. Enhanced Results
The concentration of ingredients in medical products is generally greater and of a higher, cleaner quality than over-the-counter ones. This leads to impressive, enhanced results that a cosmetic skincare simply couldn’t achieve. And P.S. – they’ll last-longer too.

3. Restores Skin Health Quicker
The fact that medical grade skincare like ZO Skin Health is formulated by physicians themselves means the ingredients are designed to restore skin health in a major way. When used under the advice of your skincare professional, results can even be seen in as little as a couple of weeks.

4. They Support Your In-Clinic Treatments
It’s so important for your skin health journey that you have a reputable at-home skincare plan to support what we’re doing in clinic. Choosing a medically-led brand like ZO means we can use our personalised skin health service to draw this up as part of a holistic treatment plan.

5. We’re Here for You Every Step of The Way
If a product is running low or you feel you need a change, we’re here for you. Using medical grade products that we’ve prescribed to you as part of your skin health journey allows us to tweak and re-supply as needed to sustain those amazing results.

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