Look great every day with permanent make up

Make up is often fundamental to what makes us feel confident and ready to face the day. Many of us wouldn’t leave the house without a slick of mascara or coat of lip gloss. But at the same time, applying make up takes time that sometimes we simply don’t have.

Permanent make up provides that all round ‘finished’ look that we would like all the time but, if we’re honest, can’t quite be bothered to apply each day, or just don’t have the time in our normal busy morning routines.

Permanent make up is applied using a relatively pain-free tattooing technique; the needle is fine and the equipment state of the art, so the treatment is no more painful than plucking your eyebrows.

Types of make up include eyeliner and lash enhancement, eyebrows and lip liner which gives volume and shape to your mouth. The application of the pigment colour is subtle so you look as if you have had 25 minutes extra to get ready each day. Permanent make up makes you look ‘done’ so you are always ready to face the world.

And the treatment is excellent value for money. Think of all those lip liners and eyeliners you’ve bought over the years that you have dropped and broken, or lost in the depths of your handbag. With prices starting at only £350, you will be able to have a fully tailored look to suit you and your style, without all the hassle.

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