Announcing Katherine Daniels Skincare Products

At Beauty Defined is delighted to announce that we now stock and use Katherine Daniels Skincare products. As you know, we are always looking for the best possible products for our clients, and after a long search, we are delighted with the products offered in this stunning, British range.

Katherine Daniels offers Beautifully British Concepts, lovingly developed by two British skin care experts who know that choosing the right product for your skin should be based on more than just your skin type…

Katherine Daniels have worked hard to “de-mystify” skin. Katherine Daniels is a skincare and treatment line for the face and body developed for British salons with a totally new concept.

How you care for your skin is made simple, thanks to our step-by-step product guidance and colour coding, offering ease of use and product recognition.

Whilst you can expect outstanding results from our truly luxurious salon treatments, we ensure your daily regime is quick, simple and effective. Katherine Daniels skincare take what is achievable and make it possible.

Katherine Daniels Skincare