How to get a 96% improvement in your skin’s vitality

How is your skin looking and feeling today? Our guess is it’s a bit dull, a bit grey and a bit dry. Are we right?

The combination of the after-effects of Christmas and New Year, the cold weather and central heating, and the January blues all show up in your face – the one place you can’t hide!

So how about a facial to pick you up? Not just any facial, but a facial that uses jade stone to refresh your complexion and stimulate your skin’s circulation to make you glow. The jade stone is used because it retains its cool temperature and is so smooth it just glides over the skin. This coolness will calm even the most irritated of winter faces.

Darphin’s unique Vitality Awakening Facial energises tired skin and will re-charge your whole self. Darphin did a survey of its customers and 60% reported a noticable improvement in their skin after seven days, and 96% said their skin had improved vitality after one month. And we all need that in January!

We have a special offer on the new Darphin Vitality Awakening Facial – just  £45 instead of £60 for January bookings – so pick up the phone and book your appointment now on 0845 269 5301!