How does HIFU work?

This stunning treatment works in two stages:

  • Its first action is to break up aged skin fibres (collagen and elastine), making them easier to remove. This process stimulates the fibroplast to produce and replace them with new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
  • The second stage of treatment works on superficial facial muscles, the mimicry muscles that increase contraction, with a visible toning effect.

HIFU stands for ‘high intensity focused ultrasound’ and is specifically designed as anaesthetic medical treatment for those who wish to achieve the results of a facelift without invasive procedures and is even more effective than our very popular Collagen Wave.

Our team are fully trained to use the HIFU system, an extremely precise medical procedure which targets several layers of the skin.

The wave of the ultrasound targets specific location of the dermis which results in collagen synthesis and tighter, youthful looking skin.

That answers “How does HiFu work” from the technical perspective.

From a client view, the results and benefits are amazing. Client Eppie Anderson, who blogged last week about the experience, is continuing to see improvements two weeks in (and don’t forget, the impact build to the best result over a two month period):

“My skin really is changing, gradually I can see more and more improvements every day. I can see people who know me well but don’t know I’ve had the treatment doing double takes and looking slightly puzzled. The big test will be when I see my best friend in a couple of weeks, to see if she notices anything! So far so good though; how does HiFu work for me? Amazing, really building my confidence too!”