How beautiful are you? Do you pass this 1950s test?

We have found the most amazing book. It’s called ‘Glamour’ and was published in the early 1950s. We thought we’d put its “how beautiful are you?” guide to the test and see how it stands up in 2012…

Once a week shampoo and set your hair. Many good hairdressers nowadays are using beer as a hair-set! No Fuzzy Wuzzy Look about you after a light-ale set!

Give yourself a weekly manicure and pedicure.

Don’t neglect to remove hair from your legs and underarms. We are sure that you do this in summer, but do you always remember in the winter?

Last of the beauty chores is eyebrow treatments. Remember that full, natural brows are the fashion, and if they are clean and neatly-kept, they can be a most attractive feature of any face. (A good example is Elizabeth Taylor). The secret is: accentuate the natural line, Simple – but effective.

So, apart from only washing your hair once a week and rinsing your hair in beer (although this is still thought to give a lovely shine), it turns out 1950s glamour is just as relevant 60 years later.

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