what does hifu feel likeFascinated by what the high profile new HiFu treatment Beauty Defined client Eppie Anderson agreed to write about the experience – so we asked her:

What does HiFu feel like?

I have to confess I was a little nervous as I lay down on the treatment bed; HiFu is clearly different from the Collagen Wave treatment I have been having every month. Natalie tells me that – although HiFu is more expensive – it will work out around the same, as you only need HiFu every few months.

Using a skin pencil, Natalie marks out the areas of my face and neck that needs to be covered, and those that have to be avoided.

So, a cooling gel on the face, and Natalie loads the machine. It looks a bit like a scart plug, but I know that HiFu is completely non-invasive.

Starting on the neck, the treatment begins.

The first ‘going over’ tackles the deepest layer of the skin, with a strange whizz noise with every application. This is accompanies by a zapping feeling. I’d be lying if I said it was comfortable, and there were a few ‘ouches’ (and occasionally stronger words!) from me as she continued to cover the treatment areas. There are several different strengths though, so if it is too uncomfortable, there are different strength levels that can be applied.

After the first layer of treatment, Natalie repeats the process twice, once with the mid level setting, and finally with the top layer.

Apparently, what the process does is simulate a wounding process, which prompts the skin to regenerate Collagen – hence the amazing results.

And yes, the results are amazing. As Natalie was getting to the end I was starting to think I wouldn’t have this done again, as all I could think about was the discomfort (though of course Natalie is good at making you laugh through the pain!). But as soon as I sat up, she took the ‘after’ photo, and we compared it to the snap she’d taken of me before.

I could actually see the difference! Tighter more lifted skin – and that’s just the beginning apparently. So I’ve promised to come back and write more in a month, and then after two months, when the difference should be even more pronounced! I’ll post photo’s too!