Here’s a client’s review of our collagen wave treatment and what actually happens:

“I had heard about Beauty Defined’s collagen wave treatment from their monthly newsletter and thought I would give it a go. With claims of younger and plumper skin, I wanted to experience this “miracle” treatment for myself. I booked in with Lily, who made me feel very comfortable from the start. She made sure I was comfortable on the bed, while explaining what the treatment would feel like: “hot, but not uncomfortable”. I felt a little nervous and did wonder what I was doing!

Firstly Lily cleansed my face and applied some Darphin Predermine Serum, the effect of which would be enhanced by the heat. A metal plate was placed under my back, which is there to allow the electrons to do their magic. The plate wasn’t at all uncomfortable, only a bit cold to start with, and I soon forgot about it. A gel was applied to my face before the heat was applied.

The wave machine is essentially a metal wand which is heated up and rubbed over your skin. Lily explained very clearly that I needed to tell her if it was too hot, so I felt less nervous as she clearly had been very well trained and I was in safe hands.

The treatment itself was quite strange. The hot wand is rubbed across your skin in small sections at a time. It felt “hot, but not uncomfortable” just as Lily had promised. My heat was increased to a level that suited my tolerance, but all the time Lily was checking if it was too hot or I was experiencing any discomfort.

My treatment lasted about an hour, and finished with 10 minutes of ultrasound along my jawline, which is apparently very good for tightening double chins! All I could feel during this treatment was the faintest vibration and it was actually quite soothing.

Afterwards, my cheeks were certainly plumped up and I looked fresher. Lily explained that I will continue to see improvements in my skin over the next couple of weeks. All in all, this is a relaxing treatment, despite it not being a traditional facial. I was really pleased with how my skin looked afterwards, so I would say that the results speak for themselves.”

If you would like to experience Beauty Defined’s collagen wave therapy, why not take advantage of their current offer:

Give Your Skin a Treat for just £75!

That’s right! This month’s offer is a 30 minute Darphin Sensorial Reviver Facial AND a 30 minute Collagen Wave treatment for just £75 – a massive saving of £110!

The two treatments work amazingly well together – if you’ve had a Darphin Facial before, you’ll know exactly how fantastic it makes your skin feel. What you may not know is that this facial is the perfect preparation for a Collagen Wave face treatment. Often known as the non-surgical facelift a Collagen Wave treatment combines Radio Frequency with Ultra Sound waves to heat up the skin to encourage the production of new collagen.

This truly fantastic offer brings together two of our favourite treatments for an amazing price and is only available if you make your booking before the end of July – so call us today on 0845 2695301 to make your appointment!