HD Brow workshop


Its been another busy week and to kick it off I started the week teaching at HD Brow headquarters in Milton Keynes. I was teaching on a HD Brow workshop designed to support all you Hd Brow artists perfect your skills. It was a complete success and I look forward to the next one.

I have had another busy week with permanent makeup. Ladies are looking more and more at achieving that HD shape with permanent makeup for their brows. I have been combining a powdered look with the hairstrokes to give a beautiful finish. I have done a couple of sets of lips this week that where designed to heal with a natural colour that just looks amazing with a coat of lipgloss. Although permant makeup looks so strong when first done the healed results can look so natural, just putting back colour and shape thats been lost.

And finally I had my own eyes topped up this week by Nilam Patel and of course they look amazing! No eye makeup for 3 days and looking bug eyed so I have sympathy with you all after your treatments!! I have been taught by the best and a very lucky girl to have the privalege of working with Nilam every week.

Looking forward to my day off on Saturday when I will get my hair done ready for a photo shoot on Monday!