Have your HD Brows shaped by an original Elite Stylist

HD Brows are the best brows you can have, in our opinion. The HD process creates sharp and neat brows to perfectly frame your eyes and enhance your natural features. But how do you know which HD Brow stylist to choose? Well obviously we’re going to say Beauty Defined, but this is why:

Natalie Godefroy was the UK’s first elite HD Brow stylist, trained by HD Brow creator Nilam Patel at her celebrity clinic in Milton Keynes. Natalie was a forerunner of Nilam’s system and is renowned as an industry leader of the HD Brow technique.

Natalie’s team are all trained personally by Nilam Patel, and Natalie and her team continue to give the ultimate HD Brow service from the unique Beauty Defined clinic at Union Wharf in Market Harborough.

So you can be absolutely confident that by choosing Beauty Defined, you are making a very wise choice!

To book an appointment with Natalie or any of her team and get your brows ready for Christmas, call 0845 269 5301.