Free eyebrow shape for your daughter!

Regular readers of this blog, and clients at our clinic will know that our owner Natalie Godefroy not only runs a successful aesthetic clinic, but she has four children as well. This in itself is a challenge, but when you take into account that fact that two of the children are teenage and pre-teenage girls, then you can image the pressure Natalie feels!

Teenage and pre-teenage girls really like to look good. They have their idols and like to mimic their style – just like we did when we were young (lace fingerless Madonna gloves, anyone?). These days though, a trip to the haberdashery store for some trim to sew onto your jeans just doesn’t cut it and grooming and personal care is of a much higher priority. Not having these elements right can really effect their confidence.

Based on Natalie’s own personal experience as a mother and a beautician, we have launched a new service to help your teen along the way. Your 11-17 year olds can now have a FREE eyebrow shape when you have your HD Brow treatment. That way you can ensure your teens have the best advice and styling from the Brow experts at Beauty Defined.

Call us on 0845 269 5301 to book your HD Brow treatment and your daughter’s free eyebrow shape.

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