Free Collagen Wave in August
Book a new Permanent Make Up treatment worth £395* this August and we’ll throw in an amazing Collagen Wave treatment at Beauty Defined – ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Most women want to look and feel their best at all times. However, with the combination of busy lifestyles and juggling responsibilities it isn’t always possible to give the time and attention we’d like to our appearance.

That’s why thousands of women in the UK are choosing to have cosmetic enhancements that give maximum results with minimum effort.

At Beauty Defined we offer a range of high impact, low maintenance procedures. Permanent Make Up treatments give the lasting effect of make up leaving you looking younger and feeling more confident about your appearance day and night!

If you have any questions about Permanent Makeup please email me or call my team. I offer a free consultation with no obligation.

Permanent make up can help create perfect eyebrows, captivating eyes and well defined lips. All of these enhancements will keep you looking refreshed and picture perfect without the need to apply any make up on the treated areas.

You’ll look effortlessly beautiful everyday – no matter what life throws at you. No more wasting precious time in front of the mirror applying makeup that will smudge and need reapplying.

Permanent make up (sometimes known as semi permanent make up) is a type of superficial cosmetic tattooing where pharmaceutical grade pigments are placed into the reticular layer of the skin at a depth of 0.5mm and are visible in the upper layers. This is much shallower than a tattoo. State of the art equipment is used and the process is so much more refined, quieter and less traumatic to the skin than traditional tattooing. The procedure is no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed whilst the effect is subtle as the pigments used are designed to naturally blend with your skin tone.

*Top up’s excluded