This week my gorgeous daughter Ruby has taken over and doing a much better job of it than me! She is showcasing the products from our Dermaquest Essential starter kit.

It contains comprehensive blends of high performance ingredients such as powerful antioxidants and botanical plant stem cells designed to balance, hydrate, strengthen and protect the skin.

The kit is £79 and suitable for most skin types but I would recommend a virtual consultation to ensure you have the correct skin care programme.

We miss seeing you at the clinic and look forward to caring for your skin again very soon so until then this regime will help your skin reach its fullest potential by improving your skins natural balance and establishing a vibrant healthy glow.

Wishing you all a lovey weekend,
Natalie x

Virtual consultations available, just call 01858 288242 or email us.

Find out more about Dermaquest here.

Your Routine

🍍Step 1 Essential Daily Cleanser-AM & PM
The ‘PacMan’ of all cleansers, gently eating away dead surface skin cells and make up to reveal a brighter complexion.

💧Step 2 Essential B5 Hydrating Serum AM & PM
Purely providing 8 glasses of water drink a day for the skin, sending hydration to the epidermis and all the way to the dermis.

💧Step 3 Essential Moisturiser AM & PM
“The first step moisturiser “ to smooth, repair and Hydrate the skin.

😎Step 4 Sheer Zinc SPF30
“The Ultimate Healer and Protector”- a 100% pure physical Mineral SPF that will heal and calm any skin type.

If your skin is in need of  an extra boost then the two additional products featured will enhance the results.

🐚Algae Polishing scrub
“The Gentle Exfoliator” this gentle scrub uses jojoba esters to perfectly smooth and polish the skin, while the algae extract reduces inflammation and plant stem cells provide deep hydration. This scrub is a firm favourite for all skin types.

🧡Mini Pumpkin Mask
“All Rounder”- This mask is a great exfoliating treatment for all skin types to provide a bright and glowing complexion. Foe anyone with hyperpigmentation, mild acne, blocked pores, or who wants to smooth out the texture of the skin.