Permanent Makeup – FAQs

What happens at the appointment?

After an initial consultation, the shape and colour of your treatment is agreed upon between the client and technician and the pigment is placed into the skin accordingly. The whole process for one area takes approximately one hour. The treatment is painless as a topical numbing agent is used throughout the treatment.

Will I get my result straight away?

The colour will be approximately 50% darker and a lot stronger for up to a week after treatment. The area will become dry and flaky 3 – 7 days after the treatment. You can usually go about your daily routine immediately, but some clients experience some swelling and redness which normally subsides within 48 hours. After 1 week your colour will appear to have disappeared, but the pigment will start to develop between 2 to 6 weeks. After your first application you may find your colour has not healed evenly. This is dependent on your skin and personal healing process. This is normally balanced in your second ‘top up’ procedure.

How long will the treatment last?

Some pigment will remain in the skin permanently but will gradually fade over time. It varies from client to client but generally lasts approximately 3 years. Eyebrows tend to fade faster than eyes and lips. The colour will start to fade as the skin exfoliates and we recommend a colour boost between 12 and 24 months to maintain freshness. Medical conditions and medicines can cause pigment to fade faster.

Can any skin type have permanent makeup?

We have found that permanent make up results can be unsuccessful on some skin types. These include clients with very oily skin and large open pores in the treatment area. We have also found alopecia and chemotherapy patients tend to have uneven healing and poor colour retention. Additional top up treatments may be required at a small cost, however it is strongly unadvisable to tattoo an area more than 3 times within the period of a year. We can never guarantee results but we will always use our best judgement to obtain the best result possible. You will be professionally advised during your consultation if we feel you are not suitable for this treatment. Pregnant or nursing mothers are not able to have permanent cosmetics.

What if fashions change?

We don’t perform a treatment that is over dramatic or trendy. The idea is to enhance rather than change your features. Colours are chosen to compliment your skin tone, hair and eye colour. Colours can be intensified or changed at any time if you wish.

Is there any chance of infection?

The strictest sterilisation procedures are adhered to at all times. A new, single use disposable, sterile needle is used for your complete safety. All procedures conform to the British and European Health and Safety standards. Lip treatments may occasionally cause a cold sore. Clients who are prone to an outbreak should use a topical treatment for a few days beforehand.

Can I have an allergic reaction?

Nouveau Contour pigments are of the highest pharmaceutical grade and are hypo-allergenic. However we do always advise a patch test.

“I would highly recommend Natalie as she is professional, friendly and very helpful if you need follow-up advice.” Cheryl Goodman