Shopping for Early Christmas Gifts?

Are you one of those people who likes to get Christmas sorted well in advance?

Shopping for early Christmas gifts can be a great idea. The kids are at school, and chaos hasn’t yet hit the high street.

But actually Christmas is only round the corner – only 41 sleeps to go – but more to the point, only 6 Saturdays separate us from the big day!

Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you and we bet you can feel your stress levels rising already. Presents to buy, kids soon to be on holiday, pantos to attend, food and drink to get, family to deal with…. Aaaaargh!

So, STOP! Take a breath and call us on 01858 288242 to book in for the ultimate relaxation massage to prepare yourself for the coming crazy season.

And while you’re relaxing in our gorgeous salon (at Market Harborough’s prestigious town-centre Settling Rooms), why not talk to one of our team about buying some early Christmas gifts?

Our ranges of beautiful market leading skincare products offer a truly individual and luxurious gift for a great friend or family member – and we also offer gift vouchers so you can share your favourite salon with someone you love. Our highly trained staff can advise on the best product for your loved one in a calm and relaxed environment.



So call us NOW on 01858 288242 and prevent the Christmas frazzle!