Collagen Wave Treatment Extensions

We’re really happy to announce the following Collagen Wave treatment extensions, designed to optimise the rejuvenation effects of one of our most popular age-defying treatments. Choose from one of two BRAND NEW Collagen Wave treatment add-ons:

1. The Hydratight Premium package

This involves a FULL Collagen Wave treatment and FULL Hydrafacial treatment, combining deep cleansing, exfoliation and cellular stimulation. Not only do you get twice the benefit, but you also save £50 on the cost of having these two treatments separately!

2. The Ultimate Trio package

For just £300, this treatment includes a FULL Dermapen treatment, FULL Collagen Wave and Vitamin A treatment, saving an amazing £150 by having them together AND benefit from the deep exfoliation, teamed with resurfacing and texture smoothing. So not only do you get the tightening effect of the Collagen Wave Radio Frequency treatment, but the wound healing Dermapen too!

Take advantage of these special offers and call 01858 288242 to book your Collagen Wave Treatment add ons today!