Collagen Wave effect after 6 treatments

Written by customer Eppie Anderson

A natural sceptic, and while I love the lying back and being pampered effect of Collage Wave treatments, I was prepared for it to make only a negligible different the my skin.

But after 6 treatments, spaced over six months – WOW!

My skin is really noticeably smoother and fresher. And though of course I still have wrinkles (I’m fifty in less than six months, it would be unnatural not to!), the biggest impact is in the lack of ‘sag’. The new collagen created by the collagen wave effect really has lifted my face, it’s completely amazing. Friends have noticed – even colleagues have noticed, and it’s a real boost to my confidence – there’s nothing fun about your skin getting older, but reversing a little of that is just incredible. One of the best things is actually telling people what I’ve been having done. A completely non-invasive treatment, an hour a month. I’m having to keep a stock of the salon’s cards so I can send people along to try it out for themselves.

Even my husband, who’s not good at noticing, thinks its amazing. And as for my sister in law, she is clearly annoyed that my skin looks so great, but is determined she’s not going to comment!! Shame, as I’d send her to Paige, Harriet or, of course, Natalie at Beauty Defined Market Harborough.

So seriously, this is not a PR puff piece, it’s real. I’m real, and I really don’t look as old as I did six months ago. Why not give it a try!