Brand New Collagen Wave for Eyes

The Brand New Collagen Wave for Eyes treatment is now available at Beauty Defined’s amazing clinic in the centre of Market Harborough.

The eyes are where we see the first signs of ageing skin, and there are limited number of treatments which offer an effective improvement. This is the perfect solution to insecurities about skin ageing around the eyes, the brand new Collagen Wave for Eyes treatment uses 50 times more energy to target age-related eye area issues. 

Using a finer tip, Collagen Wave radio frequency energy is delivered more intensely to target the delicate eye area. This is perfect for extra tightening of fine lines and crepey skin and delivers great results.

We are offering this amazing treatment for just £50 when you book a full Collagen Wave, or £95 as an individual 20 minute treatment.

To book, just call the clinic on 01858 288242 today!