Beauty Defined staff profile: Geraldine, the waxing queen

This week’s profile is of Geraldine. The picture shows her lovingly tending to her hot waxes.

Geraldine is Beauty Defined’s waxing specialist. She works with Lycon Wax, which is applied hot and then peeled directly from the skin rather than with a wax strip. She prides herself on her attention to detail and really makes sure every last little pesky hair has been removed. Geraldine says she really doesn’t like seeing hair where hair shouldn’t be.

Geraldine started her career as a nurse and it is this background and training that ensures even her most intimate of waxing treatments is professionally carried out. There is nothing Geraldine hasn’t seen during her career. You can click here to read our blog post about a Brazilian waxing and what it’s really like.

Geraldine’s advice for a really good wax is to make sure you moisturise, especially your legs. Dry skin can prevent the wax from catching all the hairs first time round as it may pick up the dry skin instead. Moisturising regularly means that not only do your legs look better, but your waxing experience is quicker and relatively pain free.

Natalie and Geraldine met at college, and it was about a year ago that Geraldine joined the Beauty Defined team. She says she loves working with the girls at the Union Wharf clinic in Market Harborough and building relationships with her fantastic clients.

Geraldine also offers HD Brow and lash treatments, so if you would like to book in to see her and experience her amazing talent for a super smooth wax, call 0845 269 5301 to book an appointment.

Beauty Defined offers a complete portfolio of treatments including HD Brows, permanent make up, specialist waxing, Botox and fillers, facial peels, lash treatments and Darphin skin treatments. To find out more information about what we do, call 0845 269 5301 or email info@beauty-defined.co.uk.

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