Beauty Aesthetic Treatments – the real difference

We are sometimes asked to explain the difference between Beauty Aesthetic Treatments and other Beauty Treatments. In essence it’s simple – beauty aesthetics treatments have scientifically proven benefits – they make a real and visible difference to some aspect of your appearance.

That’s not to say other beauty treatments don’t make a real difference, especially when you have regular scheduled facials for example, using Darphin or Dermaquest products, the quality of skin and its condition can be kept at its absolute optimum.

This of it like this:

Our range of Beauty Classic treatments help you keep your skin at its best, hydrated and moisturised, protected from the damaging effects of sun and weather as well as central heating and air conditioning. Waxing and threading treatments – while they can reduce regrowth over time, do not have a permanent effect on unsightly hair.

Our Beauty Aesthetic treatments physically improve your skin, permanently remove unwanted hair and can even help remove other signs of aging, like thread veins and age spots. While the focus is sometimes on the rejuvenating effects of these treatments, we use our training, skills and technologies to help men and women of all ages.

Our aesthetics treatments are conducted on site by our Aesthetics Defined team. for more details on these services, please visit the Aesthetics Defined website.

To talk to one of our trained experts about our range of beauty aesthetic treatments, just call us on 01858 288242.