Amazing LVL Lashes treatment

Amazing LVL Lashes

Imagine looking in the mlvl images3irror each morning to see bigger, wide awake looking eyes with beautiful eyelashes that have length, volume and lift – without inserts or mascara!

Imagine being able to go on your summer holiday without packing mascara – and not having to worry about whether your mascara will have run each time you get out of the pool!

LVL is a new treatment that gives Length, Volume and Lift to your natural lashes.

There are several steps in the process, which works entirely with your own eyelashes and lasts until your treated lashes are replaced as nature takes its course – so the results can last for between 6 and 8 weeks.

You don’t have to have super-long lashes to start with either, the LVL lashes process is designed to give nature a helping hand and work with what you’ve got!

It takes just under an hour to have your lashes reshaped using LVL, and it’s a completely painless, non-invasive treatment.

LVL Lashes are a very popular treatment offering immediate and lasting results.

If you’d like to look amazing every day, without having to stop for your usual makeup routine, then you need amazing LVL lashes – one of our most popular treatments! To talk to one of our highly trained team, just call us on 01858 288242 for a free consultation and to arrange a patch test.