All I want for Christmas – Anti Wrinkle Injections!

No, I really don’t want a kitchen appliance for Christmas again. Or a new Dyson. They may be clever, but they’re not really what I would consider to be a Christmas present – just a household expense.

What I really really really want is to look younger in 2019 than I have through 2018.

And the easiest way to achieve that is to buy me the amazing gift of anti-wrinkle injections.

Let me explain – I don’t want to go plastic fantastic. I know how old I am. But a little helping hand in the form of anti-wrinkle injections would help me look fresher, a little bit younger and much more confident in myself.

Anti-wrinkle creams can only go so far. If you bought me Anti Wrinkle injections at Beauty Defined, I would feel a bit better about myself every single day – so I could really focus on the day ahead.

So please, darling love of my life, move away from the vacuum cleaner. Don’t buy that breadmaker.

All I want for Christmas this year is Anti Wrinkle Injections at Beauty Defined in Market Harborough. Call them on 01858 288 242, they’ll send you a voucher and I can look amazing every day…  AND have an extra 30 hours in bed next year…. ?