Permanent Eyeliner

Are you one of those people who don’t enjoy putting on your make-up in the mornings? Do you ever struggle to get your eyeliner just right?

If going to work, or facing the world without your make-up on sends shivers down your spine, than you should talk to Beauty Defined about our permanent eyeliner and eye make-up.

How do you fancy just getting up, showered, dressed and out of the door? Without worrying about whether your eyeliner is uneven? And to know that be the end of the day, your eyes look just as perfect as when you first got up?

This treatment is ideal for anyone that wants to enhance their eye shape, size and colour. A lash enhancement gives the appearance of thicker looking lashes and gives definition to the eye. You will never worry about seeing anyone without your make up on again.

If you struggle with getting your eyeliner just right, then have it designed and placed perfectly with permanent make up. A baseline lash enhancement procedure fills the gaps in between your eyelashes and is completed by applying eyeliner above the lash line to create picture perfect eyes. Clients can choose a soft, smoky finish or a liquid line with a dramatic flick.

To talk to the Beauty Defined team at Market Harborough about how permanent eyeliner could change your life, just call us on 01858 288 242 for an appointment or email to book your free consultation.