2016 Skincare Resolutions

Only a few more days of 2015 to go, and it’s a time when we start to think about what we can do to be healthier and happier during the following year.

This applies to skincare too. The more we look after our skin, the better is rewards us – who wouldn’t want to end 2016 with more of a healthy glow than we started?

So, here are our top 2016 skincare resolutions:

  • Drink less caffeine and replace it with more water
  • Increase the proportion of unprocessed food in our diets can decrease the damage done to our skin by free radicals
  • Wear a good quality moisturiser with sunscreen every day – talk to Beauty Defined for advice on which product will work best for your skin type
  • Stay out of the direct sun wherever possible
  • Consider the range of proven non-surgical  anti-aging treatments available at Beauty Defined for visible results. Much more than just a facial, these treatments are clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you to keep your 2016 skincare resolutions and end the next year with healthier, younger looking skin than you see in the mirror today, just call 01858 288242 for a free consultation.