Popular Collagen Wave Treatment

Popular Collagen Wave Treatment The ever popular Collagen Wave treatment is that rare thing, a rejuvenation treatment that is actually proven to work. Used by ordinary women and celebrities alike to create visible improvements in skin texture, it is a completely non-invasive treatment. Proven Rejuvenation Treatment In a Collagen Wave treatment, radio frequency combined with[…]

Anti-Wrinkle Injection FAQ’s

Anti-Wrinkle Injection FAQ’s What are anti-wrinkle injections? While results may vary from person to person, anti-wrinkle injections are one of the UK’s most popular aesthetic treatments for the reduction of visible wrinkles. They are commonly referred to as Botox™’ , short for Botulinum toxin, which is a naturally occurring protein that causes the muscles of[…]

Anti Wrinkle Injections Free Consultation

Anti Wrinkle Injections Free Consultation Beauty Defined offers free skin consultations to help you look at your options for anti-wrinkle treatments. As a result of your consultation with Natalie, who is full trained by the CTIA, you may be offered one or more of a number of treatments including: Collagen Wave Plasma Blasttm  Dermal Fillers[…]

What’s in a Free Skin Consultation?

What’s in a Free Skin Consultation? When we talk about many of our services, including our aesthetic beauty treatments, you will often find we talk about offering you a free skin consultation or free consultation. Sometimes people are a little unsure of what this means, so we thought we would explain. When you arrange a[…]

New! Dermal Filler Treatments

New! Dermal Filler Treatments We are very pleased to launch our new Dermal Filler treatments, a further addition to our range of highly effective aesthetic beauty services. Treatments include: Creating Lip Definition Smoothing Peri-Oral Lines Reducing Nose to Mouth Lines Smoothing Marionette Lines For more information on Dermal Filler treatments, click here. Your Personal Treatment[…]